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Up to 50% Direct Bookings at your property & up to 50% discount at the cost site!

DENPASAR, Indonesia – 1. December 2018

A little bit of history: 2017 we launched a new digital marketing collective for our Bali customers which saw our first members significantly increasing their direct bookings, occupancy and ADR. After less than 12 months our collective is achieving up to 50% direct bookings at up to 50% discounted cost per booking and we are now opening this to a select group of new customers.

Since we are a small high tech company located in Bali it is not easy to deal under large corporation conditions and we do not want to operate with more overhead which will affect our pricing.

Long story short: This exclusive club is open to a small group of customers and we have some prerequisites: Your property should be owner-operated or with management who have budget, sales and marketing authority and a good understanding of digital marketing and how the internet works.

If this sounds like a group you want to join, you can do this now – please click here.

Some financial figures: You would like to have around IDR 500 juta per month in direct bookings? Then expect cost of about IDR 40-60 juta per month. Maybe a little less at the beginning.

The program runs around 12 to 18 month and you can expect results based on our experience within 6 to 12 months.

Since you no doubt have a good understanding of digital marketing, there is no need to explain what it is, but just in case check out link to refresh: (Click to updated Link)

Quality services meet or might exceed customer expectations. Empirical studies have shown that good service quality improves economic competitiveness.

The most important aspects of quality are anchored in the concept of quality management and these are equated with a culture. There are many aspects of quality in a business context, although primarily the idea is that the business produces something, like our services. These services and their creation include many types of processes, procedures, equipment, and investments, all of which fall under the quality umbrella.